Time Left to Stop Bush's Third Term:

Your Mission

#1 Get an absentee ballot or find out if you can vote early in person.
#2 Volunteer to work in a swing state.
#3 Make a voter map of the 50 people closest to you. Get the Kerry supporters to the polls.
#4 Take election day off. Travel or make phone calls to swing states.
#5 Work your butt off! Knock on doors, make phone calls and drive people to the polls.
#6 Become a poll monitor to make sure that every vote counts.
#7 Make this your mantra, "If Democrats vote, Democrats win." Did I say work your butt off?

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Featured Gallery

January 20th, 2005
Bush's Second Coronation
pictures from the inauguration

The general public was not allowed on most of the parade route, making access for face to face dissent difficult. And still protest was rampant in Washington during Bush's second coronation. Bush is the most protested President ever.

At a rally in McPherson Square, Granny D (pictured at right) pointed out to the crowd that most of them were much younger than her and that while we are all still alive it is incumbant on us all to keep up the fight. Granny D turned 95 on January 21st.


Featured Movie


October 2004
FAHRENHEIt whatever (whatever temperature it takes to make a house made entirely out of matches BURN)

Wife: "Honey, I told you to stop smoking. The house is on fire."
Husband: "Like I said — don’t panic. All I’ve got to do is call my friend George. The fire will be out in no time."

Featured Song

Kick Out the Republicans

"In the year 2000 Democrats won the election
But bush and the Republicans, couldn't take the rejection
They counted the votes, in a web of deception
The GOP, stole the election."

Listing of Anti-War, Anti Bush Songs

Featured Gallery

August 29th, 2004
New York City Protest against the RNC
and the Bush Agenda

organized by United for Peace and Justice

Over 500,000 people attended this protest, officially making Bush the most protested politician ever. VIEW

Featured Gallery & Article

July 2003
Feature Article & Photo Study
Wrapping Ourselves in the Flag:
Shopping our Way to Freedom

"...The danger here is that when the symbolism of the flag starts to completely lose its meaning, it leaves the door open for it to be redefined by whatever market force or political strategy is prevalent at the time. ..."

Photo Show of Flag Imagery used in products and advertising VIEW & READ

Featured Gallery

March 22nd, 2003
New York City Protest:
Stop Bush's Unilateralist War!

Slide show of +90 photos VIEW

Featured Gallery

February 15th, 2003
New York City Protest:
The World Says No to War!

Slide show of +45 photos VIEW

Featured Gallery

January 18th, 2003
March on Washington D.C.
tO Stop the War with Iraq
(before it starts)

Slide show of +60 photos VIEW

Featured Gallery

April, 2003
Fall of Baghdad: Wide Angle Lens
The shot you didn't see on TV

Check out this wide angle photo of the toppling of the Saddam statue in Baghdad. Does this look like the same scene you saw over and over on network news? Does it look like the fall of the Berlin Wall to you? VIEW

Featured Comedy

Star Trek: The Wrath of Condi
Mission: To boldly drill where no man has drilled before"

Condi: "Captain, I'm picking up a tranmission from Israeli intelligence to the CIA. It says buildings that symbolize of American government, military might and commerce are at risk of kamikazee attacks using hijeacked U.S. planes."


More Cartoons from Too Stupid to be President


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