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Bush is losing it.

Although the mainstream press has never reported it, Bush has the explosive temper of a spoiled child. Can Kerry push him over the edge in the next debate for all of America to see?

These are some suggestions to help Bush achieve a public meltdown, compiled by volunteers traveling to get out the vote in PA.

Bush Goes Nuts
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BUSH'S Temperature Rises

Dear Stupid Right Wing Journalists and Bush Campaign Managers:
These suggestions are made by citizens concerned with the mental health of our national leaders. This is not officially a part of the Kerry campaign. So don't be even more stupid than you already are, by saying that it is.

can KERRY Push bush over the edge IN THE NEXT DEBATE ?

  1. Suggest that Bush has transferred his compulsion for drink to a compulsion for war.
    (Comment: Many psychologists believe that Bush exhibits the character defects of an alcoholic who stopped drinking but never got treatment.)

  2. Call him a mama's boy
    (Comment: Bush always sought primary approval from Barbara.)

  3. Say that no matter what he does, that Jeb will always be his daddy's favorite.
    (Comment: Daddy and mommy Bush never really expected George Jr. to amount to much.)

  4. Tell him that even if he wins this election, that he still won't be able to kill his father and marry his mother.
    (Comment: Psychologists have suggested that Bush exhibits a classic Oedipal complex)

  5. Tell him that he will never be the man that his father was.
    (Comment: At least George Sr. knew how to lie his way into building a coalition.)

  6. Do Bush's old Yale cheer, better than he did it.
    (Comment: Bush was a cheerleader at Yale)

  7. Use the phrase "All hat, no cattle."
    (Comment: A Texas phrase which means, all talk, no substance.)

  8. Re-state that his health plan would offer the same coverage available to elected officials. Add that it would provide coverage even for the sorts of drugs that Bush is taking.
    (Comment: There has been a rumor for several months that Bush has been taking anti-depressants. He must be on something.)

  9. Taunt him into telling the "Trifecta" joke.
    (Comment: Bush claims to have said during the 2000 campaign (actually it was Gore that said it) that he would not create deficit spending unless faced with a recession, a national emergency and a war and then made a joke saying "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta.")

  10. Remind him of that the 6th commandment is "Thou shalt not kill."
    (Comment: Bush presided over 155 executions while Governor of Texas, by far the most state sponsored killing of any governor.)

  11. Tell a vague story using a horses as a central theme and say that Bush must understand what he means from his experiences with horses at his ranch.
    (Comment: Bush is supposedly afraid of horses and has never ridden one.)

  12. Tell a story about trial lawyers suing pretzel manufacturers who did not warn consumers that it was dangerous to eat their product while watching football.
    (Comment: Bush was rendered unconscious after choking on a pretzel while watching football.)

  13. Tell a story about trial lawyers suing bicycle manufacturers who did not warn consumers that it was necessary to whistle show tunes while using their product.
    (Comment: Bush took a tumble on his bike in 2004. Press secretary McClellan blamed wet conditions. even though it hadn't rained in over a week. McClellan added that when Bush rode a bicycle, he "wasn't just whistling show tunes." Well now we know he should have been.)

  14. Look at his watch repeated and then say "it's time for Bush to go."
    (Comment: Bush Sr. looked at his watch repeatedly during one of the 1992 debates. Kerry could twist this around to make a positive impact.)

  15. Suggest that Bush's dog spot died of a broken heart because Bush failed to listen to him about Iraq.
    (Comment: Bush family pet, Spot died in 2004, RIP.)

  16. Suggest that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction might be found in the same place as the millions of lost American jobs.
    (Comment: Bush is the first president to actually lose jobs during his term. The Bush tax cuts where somehow supposed to produce 5.5 million jobs by Nov. 2004, but so far there have only been less than a million new jobs, not enough to even keep up with population growth.)

How can Kerry push Bush over the edge?
Add your own suggestions to this list!

Thanks for your responses. This was fun wasn't it?

We got so many responses to this, that I took off the e-mail link. Time to turn to other things.

Reader's Suggestions follow, (unedited)

  1. Ask George if he knows any biblical verses about False prophets.

  2. Would Bush see Jesus as a liberal or a conservative or a neo con?

    Does he have the backing of the Skinheads and KuKuxKlan? (Gay issue)

    What would he tell Christopher Reeves's widow  concerning his hampering stem cell research?

    If Russia had invaded Iraq as he did, would he had called it a pre-emptive strike?

  3. I sincerely hope Senator Kerry use Paul O'Neill's testimony which took place in CBS Sixty Minutes stated that, invading Iraq was decided way before 9/11 and President was asking them "Find me a reason to go into iraq" > I just do not know why they are not using it. I even taped the segment.

  4. When Bush goes on about his fight on "terrah", say, "That's terror it's pronounced "terror", not "terrah" Terra is latin for the Earth. Or are you planning on waging war with the whole world? Or maybe you're referring to your disastrous environmental policies?

  5. as a cheer leader he looked very comfortable with his megaphone because in grammar school when he sat in the corner he wore one one his head

  6. Ask George if his earpiece is working before the debate starts.

  7. Ask him what station he was watching at the time when he commented (at least twice in public) to have seen the first plane hit the tower on 9/11.
    (Comment: And then remarked "what a terrible pilot". Funny stuff.)

  8. Use the moniker "Junior" repeatedly instead of any formal title, as in: 'Look, Junior, everybody knows you can't read, but.....'

  9. "fool me once...you can't get fooled again." Use that stupid phrase and screw it up badly, and then pretend to reach out to Bush for help, 'since he knows it so well...'

  10. I suggest that because Bush mentioned in the first debate that he "stood with the US soldiers" that Kerry says, "You said you stand with the American soldiers. I guess that means while they are still alive as you have not once stood next them as they return in a flag-drapped coffin by attending their funeral as all great presidents in the past have."

  11. Mess with Texas (just take a look at how Texas has fared under Bush's rule. With the lowest NCLB scores outside of Alaska, thanks to a 3 billion dollar tax cut, and no way to fund education)

  12. I would like to suggest that Senator Kerry should ask Bush why did he put a stop to the FBI agents(2) investigation on Bin Laden, why did he (Bush) stop this investigation when he was suppose to be the one who caused 911?

    Also, Mr. Kerry should ask Bush why didn't he move or act on what his aid whispered in his ear while sitting in the 3rd grade classroom on Sept. 11, 2001 in Florida, supposedly his aid whispered that the other tower in N.Y. was hit by another high jacked plane, he was the president and the secret service should have been in that classroom to take him out to safety, and to protect the children because according to the reports the United States was being attacked and that is usually the procedures that the Secret Service does protect the President, get him to safety.

    One other question, where did Al Quiada get it's name? See if the President knows the answer, if he answers this, then he is plugged in with the box on his back or something like that.

  13. Kerry should state that he "Did not even ATTEMPT to join the National Guard to avoid Viet Nam."

    Ask "Is is true that Saddam Hussein wrote you a letter that said (purse lips while saying this): "Please don't kill me?" referring to the Carla Faye Tucker letter.

  14. In response to a question at the debates, Kerry should just say, “want some wood?” in a twangy Texas accent. 

  15. Tell Dubya that the format of the next presidential debate will be a spelling bee!

  16. Ask him: Mr. President, if you'd been sentenced under the drug laws you signed in Texas, would you be out yet?

  17. Kerry, in the last debate, should just pull all stops and tell ALL the information he has. He should also push for impeachment of Bush due to the fact, that Bush is a war criminal, that he acted and acts not in line with the US constitution and that the current US administration has simply become illegal because of this and that.
    -- hansjo

  18. Ask Bush if he's jealous that Laura actually killed two people herself, instead of sending others to do the deed for him (when her sweetheart declined to marry her, a seventeen year old and pregnant Laura rammed her car into her boyfriend's killing him, and the baby was never born - it was probably aborted).

    Also, ask Bush about how many of the abortions for women he impregnated he can actually remember paying for?
    --B D

  19. 1-the references to the "same intelligence" that are misleading because it implies that both men are of equal intelligence as well as the information provided by the alphabet corps was the same.

    2-Add to the pretzel and and bicycle lawsuits, the Segway incident. There should be a warning on the machines that the balance of the means of locomotion depends on the balance of the individual riding it. Come to think of it, Segway might sue the other way around for Bush's breach of contract, lying about his own sense and balance.

    2a-Add to the lawsuits the new "Bush Doctrine" of avoiding lawsuits by paying up BEFORE the victims get a chance to sue. This is -- of course -- the central issue with the $87Billion; the Bushists paid up knowing all well that they'd have liabilities but wanted to forego the formalities of court (ICC) and other negotiations. In this sense, it was a pre-emptive strike in order to thwart the efforts of the lawyers all around, basically a dig at Edwards' ilk who might have had a role in representing the common people in Arabia. It's the old drunks' dodge, buying a round for the house in order to settle a dispute with one other saloon patron. The drunk might've won anyway but what the hell, why waste good drinking time?

  20. Imply that perhaps when Andy Card whispered in his ear at the Florida school that America was under attack, what he really said was "Mission Accomplished"

  21. Have Kerry wave a paper document in his hand and repeat in the style of the Senator in the original Manchurian Candidate :

    " What I have here is a Pentagon document which proves that Bush has gotten the word from the Joint Chiefs that they want a Skills Draft that is a quantum leap beyond the convention combat draft - which is itself ready to roll with a simple congressional vote. And guess what folks - there are no real deferments. If you are in college, you'll be only able to finish the semester you're in; then you get called up."

    Existence of memo detailed by a reporter who sneaked a few peeks

  22. Say that Bush didn't want to join the world court because he would have a case pending against him for war crimes and would probably share a cell with Slobodan Milosovic.

    (No WMD, No Al Queda and No Clue)

  23. Someone could mention the fact that Bush's lower jaw has been twitching from side to side. Indicative of speed type drugs. That would also explain his wild performance in the 2nd debate. Look at tapes of Bush speaking over the past 7 days or so.

  24. Ask if Bush is intending to use the vacant hole of Saddam in Iraq for hiding there himself upon lost election in November...

    - If yes, is he planning to hand over Saddam's gun to the next White House resident in or take it along into the hole? (there you see the rationale for invading Iraq)

    - If no, what other place for hiding has he got, maybe the one he used on 9/11/2001?
    (there you see good planning skills for future challenges)

  25. Kerry could also say: W, I was a senator when your father was president. We had our differences, but I admired the way he handled Iraq in 1991. W, your no HW.

  26. Ask him why the Secret Service didn't rush him from the school photo-op the morning of Sept 11 , when it was public knowledge the President would be there. If the nation was under attack, and the president is at a publicly known location, wouldn't it make sense for the SS to get Bush out of there immediately? Or did the SS know he was in no danger? If so, WHY?

  27. Suggest Bush ought to take his own sanity test
    Comment: Bush plans to have every child tested

  28. Get his goat - as in "My Pet Goat". Refer to goats and scapegoats. Ask if he remembers how it finishes. Is it true that in "the Rapture" there will be "No Child Left Behind" with a Pet Goat? Can he distinguish between "goats" and "sheep"? Would it take him 7 minutes? Does the White House ever serve "Goat Cheese" with Wine?

  29. Remind him it's costing 125,000 martyrs to pay for the death of Salem bin Laden.

  30. Ask bush to "bring 'em on," a reference to bush's deadly invitation to jihadists to come to iraq.

  31. Tell the audience that the first step to overcoming alcoholism is to admit you have a problem. How can Bush fix Iraq if he won't admit there is a problem?

  32. TELL him he is not really king of america

    REPEAT whatever W says until he thinks the earpiece-radio is not working

    Ask about, and request to check for, the radio receiver he used at the first debate

  33. Tell him that W stands for "worse" when it comes the situation in Iraq...

  34. thank bush, for 9-11

  35. Ask Bush why he cannot stand peace and prosperity?

    Ask Bush when he got his flu shot this year, why a more dangerous strain of flu is being developed in US labs and if he plans to use the more deadly strain of flu virus as a weapon of mass destruction? Ask Bush where he plans to use it?

    Ask Bush if "forest health" to him means "no forests left on earth"? On Bush's "clear skies initiative" ask Bush if "clear skies" really means " black skies" and then ask him how soon he plans to turn every thing blue on earth black? Ask him when on earth he plans to make the color blue extinct?

    Why did the Moron plan to burn up the earth, doesn't he know he is on it?

    Ask Bush if his doctor has a plan for longevity for him that is not available to the rest of us?

    Ask Bush when his mamma got his out of his diapers?

    Ask Bush about how he feels about stem cell research? Does he like the fact that the stem cells he is satisfied with are also contaminated with mouse cells? How would you like your broken body part to become part mouse? Would you like genetic engineering to put mouse cells in your food, Mr. Bush?

    Ask Bush if he has ever seen or smelled a rotten human body? If he says "yes" ask him if he likes it?

    Ask Bush if he plans to "insure us to death" (meaning make health insurance so high that that's all we pay for with no benefits in sight)?

    Ask Bush if he were the only one on earth, would he still like to live on a scorched planet?

    Ask Bush if he smirked when the first bomb hit Iraq a year ago this March?

    Did he say "Lucky me! I hit the trifecta? as the first bomb exploded over Baghdad?

    Ask Bush if he has new briefs given to him every day instead of having to wash them? Who pays for them?

    Ask Bush how it feels not to ever have to pay for his own healthinsurance?

    Ask Bush were he thinks he'll be ten years after a nuclear war or disaster?

    Ask Bush if he thinks he is the real Jesus Christ Superstar?

    Ask Bush if he would like living in a world without nature?

    Ask Bush how many assault weapons he would like going off all at once all over the streets of America?

    Ask Bush if he would invite Hitler to the White House if he had lived in his time?

    Ask Bush why he had an evil smirk on his face just before his last State of the Union address, didn't he know he was on canted camera?

    Ask Bush if he still had a good appetite the same day that he blew frogs us as a kid? Did the frog explosions turn him on?

    Ask Bush if he likes the song "Don't Know Much About Algebra"?

    Ask Bush if the White House has become translated after he said he would restore dignity there? Ask him if he has yet put heaven in the White House?

    Ask Bush why he knows more than God and who appointed Bush to be His judge?

    Ask Bush why he wants to take us back to the Dark Ages?

    Ask Bush how he learned the art of being rude to debate moderators?

    Ask Bush why he says "no" to everything good?

    Ask Bush what it is that he doesn't like about the middle class?

    Ask Bush what his IQ is? Ask him why he thinks it's smart to be dumb?

    Ask Bush why he cannot call his opponent by his name? Why does he always call him "he"? Can he remember his opponent's name or does he have trouble with his memory?

  36. Ask him how Saddam could "gather" his "threat" in "45 minutes"

  37. State that millions of people around the world watching him right now wonder how he can lie so shamelessly on live tv.
    --Bobbie & Larry

  38. He needs to keep hammering away at the syndrome of Bush family ineptness, as caused by a legacy of prostitution, denial, anger and self-hatred; or further overcompensated by a dichotomy of lying, stealing, bulling, criminality and drug addiction versus that infamous, Bush, ingratiating wont--or always kissing the right ass...BIG TIME (!) 

  39. Bush has an overriding sense of entitlement. He thinks he is in charge and he deserves to be in charge. The best way to rattle him in a debate is to show that he is weak and not in charge.

    Accuse him of being a weak leader. Blame the mess in Iraq on Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. Say directly that Bush has been out of the loop and cannot be bothered to find out what is going on.

  40. "You, sir, are no Ronald Reagan..."

  41. Tell Bush that as a Catholic, your church was established on Peter, the Rock, and that Bush isn't really a christian, can't be saved like his brother Jeb (who converted) is.

  42. How to push Bush over the edge? Just shove the lousy bastard!

  43. We were stationed in Texas when Bush was suppose to be serving in the National Guard. I'd ask Bush about his drinking habits and did he in fact do a strip act lots of times while snockered.

  44. Turn and look at him, shake index finger and say: "You shouldn't have gone into Iraq. Wasn't prudent!"


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