Time Left to Stop Bush's Third Term:

Your Mission

#1 Get an absentee ballot or find out if you can vote early in person.
#2 Volunteer to work in a swing state.
#3 Make a voter map of the 50 people closest to you. Get the Kerry supporters to the polls.
#4 Take election day off. Travel or make phone calls to swing states.
#5 Work your butt off! Knock on doors, make phone calls and drive people to the polls.
#6 Become a poll monitor to make sure that every vote counts.
#7 Make this your mantra, "If Democrats vote, Democrats win." Did I say work your butt off?

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Featured Article

NEW October 2004
Blindfolded by the Flag
The National Cognitive Dissonance: Will Bush Supporters Ever Wake Up?

"...Bush supporters tend to believe what they want to believe. Whether their beliefs are because they feel that Bush is a messenger of God or because their fear of cognitive dissonance causes them to impute Bush with leadership qualities befitting America’s standing as a great nation, his supporters take him at his word. For many people it is impossible for them to believe that we would have invaded Iraq for no reason. This would belie the belief in our country as a just nation. Most Americans with the belief in the goodness of our country will choose to cherry pick the facts to continue to believe in the American dream. For them, the invasion of Iraq is a matter of national security, simply because we are already there." READ

Featured Talking Points

can KERRY Push bush over the edge IN THE NEXT DEBATE ?

Although the mainstream press has never reported it, Bush has the explosive temper of a spoiled child. Can Kerry push him over the edge in the next debate for all of America to see?

These are some suggestions to help Bush achieve a public meltdown, compiled by volunteers traveling to get out the vote in PA.


Featured Article
Bush’s 9/11 Secrets
Will the true extentof Bush’s complicity in 9/11 ever be made public? 

"...If Richard Clarke’s allegations were surprising to many people, it should be even more astounding for them to learn that the Bush team actively worked to block investigations into terrorism which might have stopped the 9/11 attacks. And it should come as even more of a complete shock, that at the behest of their cronies in the oil industry, the Bush team re-opened diplomatic negotiations with the Taliban which continued until just five weeks before the twin towers fell. ..." READ

Featured Article

Nobody But Bush: The Media Calls Another Election

"...What seems certain is that as the 2004 campaign unfolds, the media will successfully undermine the credibility the Democratic challenger at the same time that they heap praises on Bush. As a result, unless the Democratic Party can come up with a superior strategy for getting its message out, it will be impossible to undo the media’s spin and set the record straight. ..." READ

Featured Article

October 2002
Why Liberals Fail

"...The conservative right has been diligent in promoting it's vision and it has succeeded in building an empire. So far their crowning achievement has been in the installation of Bush Jr.; an occurrence that could not have happened without them. It's clear that Bush's support by this group cannot be ignored by Bush himself and accordingly he has spent nearly all of this administration rewarding them. ..." READ

Featured Gallery & Article

July 2003
Feature Article & Photo Study
Wrapping Ourselves in the Flag:
Shopping our Way to Freedom

"...The danger here is that when the symbolism of the flag starts to completely lose its meaning, it leaves the door open for it to be redefined by whatever market force or political strategy is prevalent at the time. ..."

Photo Show of Flag Imagery used in products and advertising

Featured Article

November 2002
How the Republicans Got Their Groove Back

"...Karl Rove's notes about Republican's strategy to campaign on military issues, leaked reports about a possible invasion of Iraq from military sources, Bush's State of the Union speech citing an "axis of evil" and Bush's initial tough stand on Iraq before relenting and asking for Congressional consent on the brink of the midterm elections; are all dots that can be connected to show how impressive the forethought and planning of the Republican party's midterm campaign strategy actually was. ..." READ


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